Dino Dig 2014: Day 1

Dinosaur Discovery Museum mascot Nick Montana rides the Jeep’s resident Ankylosaur. These two keep us company during the long hours of driving.

The best time of year has arrived: paleontology field season! 2014 marks my third year excavating dinosaurs as a volunteer for Carthage Institute of Paleontology. This year, I will do my best to blog every day out in the field, though severe phone and internet restrictions may cause some delays.

My superstar travel team includes Dinosaur Discovery Museum Curator Nick Wiersum, and Brain Scoop Intern Katie Kirby. The first few days of our 2014 adventure will be spent briefly touring Yellowstone/Tetons, and Bozeman, Montana!

To sum up today’s activities: driving. We set out from Kenosha, Wisconsin at 6:30am this morning, and have arrived in Deadwood, South Dakota after approximately 17 hours. Besides occasional gas/restroom stops, we met up with a handful of fellow CIP (Carthage Institute of Paleontology) crew members at the infamous Wall Drug, South Dakota to enjoy a brief dinner.



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