California, Land of the Bread Tree

Highlights from the 20K Films December California trip:

  • Saw a Christmas tree made entirely out of baked bread dough, complete with flour snow and sugary baked ornaments.
  • Drove up a mountain on dirt roads while it was snowing, and drank spiced rum egg nog with an 89 year old Buddhist at his cabin.
  • Attended Holiday Market Renegade Craft Fair, best craft fair I’ve been to, as evidenced by the hole in my wallet.
  • Visited California Academy of Sciences, amazing Platinum LEED certified building with a natural history museum, aquarium, rainforest, and planetarium all in one!
  • Made a new best friend: Gracie the cat.
  • Ate the best oranges ever, picked from the backyard.
  • Got stuck in San Jose three extra days – flight was cancelled due to weather and everything was booked up over Christmas weekend.


  • Jill Escher, author/speaker and former sugar addict, for Sweet Nothing.
  • Trina Robbins, comic artist and writer, for Original Bad Girl.
  • Bob Greensfelder, friend of Nicole Hollander, for Original Bad Girl.
  • Dr. Kimber Stanhope, Nutrition Science Researcher, for Sweet Nothing.
  • Bert Lubin, President & CEO of Children’s Hospital Oakland, for Sick Cells.

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