Red Pandas and Records

November 13th

This morning we had a great interview for Sweet Nothing with Amy Jordan, founder of the Sweet Enuff Movement. Afterwards, Caroline and I headed to Central Park for a reprieve from endless skyscrapers, passing through the “Cube” Apple Store along the way. To my surprise and delight, we happened upon a zoo in Central Park! We very much enjoyed this small but lovely haven in the middle of Manhattan. Our favorite animal was the Red Panda, but we failed to capture a decent photo because of their quick darting through the trees. Later on, we met with a friend in Brooklyn at Black Gold Record Store. Black Gold is a fascinating all-in-one combination of Victorian-era¬†taxidermy, antiques, coffee & tea, pastries, and the main attraction: music records.


  • Camera: look for a mic shadow on the interviewee before rolling

“It would be awesome if there was a zoo in the middle of Central Park. (30 steps later) Look, a zoo!”

– Caroline Pahl


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