Modern and Antique Spaces

November 12th

Productive day in Manhattan – nice juxtaposition shooting in both modern and antique spaces. Fantastic interview for Sweet Nothing with Gary Taubes, science writer for New York Times and Newsweek, author of Why We Get Fat and Good Calories, Bad Calories. Gary’s interview was somewhat challenging – it was conducted at a sleek and modern coworking space which looked like a fabulous place to work, but noise levels were difficult to control. Our second interview today was for Original Bad Girl with Nicole Hollander’s agent, Michele Rubin. She works in a beautiful antique building with real William Morris wallpaper, a fireplace in her office, and a library inside the bathroom. Special thanks to the iPhone (iOS 6) panorama feature for capturing the entire bathroom library ladder.


  • Find the least reflective surface in the room for the background of the shot
  • Attempt to set up shot in whichever direction you suspect will have the least noise
  • Set up both cameras for the shot before starting the interview in warmer rooms or longer interviews in case the camera overheats

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