The Road to Freedom is I-65

Somehow fitting it all in the Fit.November 5th

The morning was filled with packing and cleaning, a video shoot in the afternoon, and a few hours in the evening to get ready before leaving on the two-month cross-country road trip with my friend and employer, Laura Zinger of 20K Films. My new life comes to collect me at 8:30pm. First stop? Picking up our third crew member, Caroline, who is awesome and speaks both Polish and French. I don’t know how, but we fit a small crew into an even smaller car – 3 people, 3 suitcases, 3 backpacks, 5 gear bags and more all fit in the (Honda) Fit.

We officially set out from Chicago around 10pm. 3.5 hours and 700 wind turbines later, we arrived in Indianapolis to discover it was now 2:30am – we had lost an hour somewhere along I-65. We checked in at a decent hotel to get a few hours of shut-eye.


  • For shooting video, always set up a light even when there’s a lot of natural light. Undoubtedly, it will get darker due to clouds or sun moving during the shoot.
  • While recording, look outside the camera screen occasionally to see what is happening off-screen that you may want to capture.
  • With two-person interviews, align both people precisely so that you don’t have to switch focus while each one is talking.

“People don’t realize how easy it is to get in a car and drive away.”

-Laura Zinger


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