Quit my job and become an artist?

November 4th

When I was first asked this question three weeks ago, I could not take it seriously. I had been comfortable at my full-time job for several years and things were going alright. Why would I leave comfort for passion (shooting documentaries)? How could it possibly be a smart decision to become financially unstable and not know what will happen in the future?

I thought, I can consider this offer if I calculate out the financial feasibility. So I started crunching numbers to comfort my mind, but realized the result may not actually be comforting so I stopped. I did not want to make a decision based on fear, because who could be happy living in fear? Fearing the unknown and worrying about money are valid concerns, but how will you grow if you don’t take risks? I knew that the next few months would be fine, and after that, I just had to believe in myself that I would find a way. I could regret doing this, but I would regret not trying even more. Who knows where new experiences might take me. To quote a 14-year old girl named Tia, “Do what makes you happy. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

I liked to compare my situation to Bruce Wayne’s in The Dark Knight Rises (slight spoiler alert). I realize this is a movie and some aspects are not realistic, but when you forget about the inaccuracies for a minute and comprehend the message, it is inspiring. When Bruce Wayne is trapped in the pit/dungeon, he keeps attempting to climb out, but wears a rope around his waist so that when he inevitably falls, he doesn’t die and can try again. He expects himself to fail and therefore does. But a wise old prisoner tells him the only way to succeed is to “do as the child did” and take off the rope. He had to have complete confidence in himself that he could make it without the safety rope, and then he did. Having confidence in yourself is equal to, if not more important, than your actual abilities. If you say you can’t do something, then of course you can’t. You’ve already decided to give up on yourself. But if you really want to do something – don’t just say you can do it, believe that you can.

“Do what makes you happy. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

– Tia


4 thoughts on “Quit my job and become an artist?

  1. You will never realize how much you can do by simply doing it until you done it. Doing it is easy. The hardest part is worrying if you can do it.
    Good Luck

      1. The moment you are thinking about doing anything else is preparation for failure. There really is no such thing as talent, just hard work. The thing is, are you willing to bust your ass day and night? Because other people you are competing with are. You can’t control how smart you are but you can control how hard you work. Will you be up ’til 6 am editing what you already shot on your DSLR or are you planing on doing that tomorrow?

  2. Remember you can drive 99.999% of people into the ground by working harder than them. Easy to say? Yes. But there are others out there that have the same mentality. Be careful of this or you will never move out of your parent’s house or if you already did you will find yourself moving back in. You HAVE to be obsessed with what you are doing. Otherwise save yourself some time and grief and just get a normal day job. 🙂

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