Life = Q*Bert

November 7th

Richard Bready’s Sylvia Doll

Lots of driving: left Columbus around 7:30am, arrived in Philadelphia at 5pm. Along the ride, we saw an interesting place called Rushing Wind Biker Church and briefly passed through West Virginia. Driving discussions included how finding jobs in the modern American economy is more like playing Q*Bert – a video game where you go sideways, up, down, and occasionally fall off the edge and die. We also talked about how iPads benefit those with autism and other disabilities. Driving entertainment today included the following podcasts: Freakanomics, Stuff You Should Know, Stuff You Missed in History Class, and The Nerdist.

Upon arriving in Philly, we had a fantastic interview for “Nicole Hollander: Original Bad Girl” with Richard Bready, retired editor of dictionaries and encyclopedias, Sylvia fan, and author of Nicole Hollander’s Wikipedia page.


  • Discussed refining our workflow to set up the shot first, sans tripod, then set up lights and everything else.
  • Charge all the camera batteries the night before.

“If you do what is right, you’ll never have enough money. Aside from the fortunate accidents.”

– Richard Bready


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