Cartoons in Columbus

Good Times with Garfield

November 6th

After a brief 3 hours of sleep, we devoured our free hotel breakfast and headed to Columbus, Ohio. We arrived at this delightful college town around 11am – enough time to enjoy Phat Pita pitas before a 1pm interview for our documentary “Nicole Hollander: Original Bad Girl.” This interview featured Lucy Caswell, Founding Curator of The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, where Nicole’s archived work will be preserved.

After the interview, we stayed with friends in Columbus and waited for Election results. Columbus delights included the lovely suburban town of Dublin and a street named Seldom Seen Road.


  • If your interviewee wears glasses, have your stand-in wear glasses during setup to prepare for glasses glare.
  • Spend more time lighting to separate subjects heads from similar colored backgrounds.

“Unfortunate events can turn into blessings.” – Caroline Pahl


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