Digging for Dinos at the Library


March started off great! Nick Wiersum and I spent yesterday afternoon talking about dinosaurs at the Fountaindale Library. The library had prepared their largest meeting room for our Digging for Dinosaurs program, complete with freshly popped popcorn, coloring sheets, dino toys, and a couple tables filled with dinosaur books. At the end of our interactive presentation, I was able to show a preview of the short dino digging documentary I’m working on.

Jeff from the library informed me that we had about 87 people at the peak, and checked out as many as half of the dinosaur books! Although most of the attendees were too young to participate in future field work, they may be future visitors at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum. Overall, it was a success!

UPDATE: Fountaindale Library’s Media Center, Studio 300, also posted about our dino program!

Photos courtesy of Charlie Shields.

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Yoohoo! Oaken Text Tones


Download Oaken Text Tones / Ringtones

Made some Oaken iPhone text tones because the movie Frozen is amazing.  There is a “Yoohoo” and a “Yoohoo Big Summer Blowout” one downloadable from the link above. Credit to Abby Williams for the idea!

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2013 Travel Highlights: 14 States and 1 Province

A list of places I visited this year, along with a few of my favorite photos.




Predator at C2E2. Photo by Adriana Alvarez.





Montana butte at sunset

Montana butte at sunset

Hell Creek and Ekalaka:

  • Dino digging



Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Museum Center




Powerwheels Racing at Milwaukee Maker Fest

Powerwheels Racing at Milwaukee Maker Fest



Ontario, Canada

Spotted Lagoon Jelly at Ripley's Aquarium

Spotted Lagoon Jelly at Ripley’s Aquarium




Cavern ceiling reflecting in a still pool at Meremac Caverns.

Cavern ceiling reflecting in a still pool at Meremac Caverns.


  • My aunt’s house




Inside Thorncrown Chapel at Eureka Springs

Inside Thorncrown Chapel at Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs:



Kayaks at Sail Honeymoon

Kayaks at Sail Honeymoon


St. Petersburg / Clearwater area:

Zephyrhills area:

Ybor City:


Along the Way

Canadian side of Niagra Falls.

Canadian side of Niagra Falls.

  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Kentucky
  • South Dakota (Wall Drug!)
  • Minnesota

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014!

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An Analogy.

People are to companies as computers are to servers.

Though companies may seem like faceless entities, they are made of individual people who are connected. The Internet, powered by servers, does not live invisibly in the clouds, but is formed by individual computers which are connected. We are the companies. We are the Internet.


Also known as:

  • circumlocution
  • expatiation
  • grandiloquence
  • garrulousness
  • logorrhoea
  • long-windedness
  • loquaciousness
  • periphrasis
  • pleonasm
  • prolixity
  • rambling
  • repetitiousness
  • verbal diarrhea
  • verbiage
  • verboseness
  • windiness
  • wordiness

The irony.

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Will Lack of Piracy Be Adobe’s Downfall?


One of the likely aims of Adobe’s new cloud-only business model is to reduce piracy, but will they really benefit from this? I can’t help but agree with Rick Webb that anti-piracy may have unintended consequences.

While attending school for design, I paid a total of $339 for the student version of Adobe Creative Suite in hopes that it would last me all the way to graduation. My optimism quickly dampened when I realized that keeping up with CS (and my peers) was almost impossible for any broke student without pirating the latest version.

Some time after graduation, I wanted to do more freelance work and be fully legit again, so I subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud and have been very happy with it. Since I use Adobe software on a daily basis for my work, I found $30/month (reduced rate for the first year) to be reasonable – at least much more reasonable than the $1300+ lump sum cost for a retail copy that would be outdated in a year anyway. But what about the casual user who doesn’t write this software off as a business expense? Will Adobe’s monthly rates manage to get casual tinkerers and students on board, or will they get hooked on increasingly more powerful open-source applications such as GIMP, Inkscape, and Aviary and forget about Adobe?

I’m all for people getting paid for their work, including large corporations, but the free and extensive marketing power that piracy provides is undeniable. Though I am generally not a supporter of piracy, it seems to give everyone a chance to become a loyal and lifelong fan of a product, which can eventually lead to large monetary gain for that company (see Rick Webb’s article for an example).

Therefore, is it better to destroy piracy or ignore it? Would issues like this be solved by more affordable pricing?

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Lipsums for Everyone!

A collection of some of the best lorem ipsum / filler text generators the internet has to offer!

BLOKK font

BLOKK - Downloadable font that makes filler blocks instead of filler text.

Little Ipsum

Little Ipsum - Super handy lorem ipsum generator built into your Mac’s menu bar!

Cupcake Ipsum

Cupcake Ipsum - The most delicious of filler text and my personal favorite.

Bluth Ipsum

Bluth Ipsum - Classic moments from Arrested Development.

Samuel L. Ipsum

Samuel L. Ipsum - Yup.

Lebowski Ipsum

Lebowski Ipsum - Wise words from The Dude.

Bacon Ipsum

Bacon Ipsum – Beef up your lorem ipsum.

Zombie Ipsum

Zombie Ipsum – Choices include Regular, Lite, and 50% More Brains.

Hipster Ipsum

Hipster Ipsum – Buzzwords galore.


Catnipsum – You can haz lorem ipsum.

HTML Ipsum

HTML Ipsum – Includes common html tags for quicker coding!

Blind Text Generator

Blind Text Generator – Provides a variety of choices including classic lorem ipsum.

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California, Land of the Bread Tree

Highlights from the 20K Films December California trip:

  • Saw a Christmas tree made entirely out of baked bread dough, complete with flour snow and sugary baked ornaments.
  • Drove up a mountain on dirt roads while it was snowing, and drank spiced rum egg nog with an 89 year old Buddhist at his cabin.
  • Attended Holiday Market Renegade Craft Fair, best craft fair I’ve been to, as evidenced by the hole in my wallet.
  • Visited California Academy of Sciences, amazing Platinum LEED certified building with a natural history museum, aquarium, rainforest, and planetarium all in one!
  • Made a new best friend: Gracie the cat.
  • Ate the best oranges ever, picked from the backyard.
  • Got stuck in San Jose three extra days – flight was cancelled due to weather and everything was booked up over Christmas weekend.


  • Jill Escher, author/speaker and former sugar addict, for Sweet Nothing.
  • Trina Robbins, comic artist and writer, for Original Bad Girl.
  • Bob Greensfelder, friend of Nicole Hollander, for Original Bad Girl.
  • Dr. Kimber Stanhope, Nutrition Science Researcher, for Sweet Nothing.
  • Bert Lubin, President & CEO of Children’s Hospital Oakland, for Sick Cells.
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Lighting Gremlins

Be wary of green cheeks and shadowbeards.


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NY to MA to PA

November 16th

View from our hotel room in Scranton, PA

View from our hotel room in Scranton, PA

We bid farewell to Long Island and set off for Massachusetts. Had two more great interviews for Original Bad Girl: Nicole Hollander’s long time friend Christina Platt, and Nicole’s ex-husband, Paul Hollander. As 4pm rolled around, it was time to end our first leg of the journey and head home. Our “halfway” point driving back to Chicago was Scranton, PA. We enjoyed our overnight stay there regardless of the fact that we did not see Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

“It’s more important that people have basic decency than a political philosophy.”
- Paul Hollander
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